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Spur Catch a Burger Competition

Arrive early to Monday night’s Varsity Cup matches and you could win free Spur burgers!

A total of 45 Spur rugby balls will be thrown into the crowd before first half kick-off. Each rugby ball will be marked with a number between 1 and 15, representing the rugby players’ jerseys on the field. When the match kicks off, if the jersey number of the Varsity Cup player who catches the kick-off ball matches the number on your Spur rugby ball, you will win the same amount of Spur Burgers as this number.

If you catch a Spur rugby ball with the number 10 on it, and the Varsity Cup player who catches the kick-off ball is wearing a jersey number 10, you will win 10 Spur Burgers. Winning fans can collect their Spur Burgers anytime during the game by visiting the Spur mobile vending unit. You will be required to present your Spur rugby ball upon claiming your prize.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Competition rules available on Spur’s official website.

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