2016 FNB Varsity Cup Rugby

Steinhoff Maroela top the Tuks Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby League heading into the break

Defending champions Steinhoff Sonop (now playing under the moniker of Steinhoff Garri) find themselves in fourth, with a match in hand, on the Steinhoff UP-Tuks Koshuis League log at the conclusion of the first round of matches. Steinhoff Maroela and Steinhoff Mopanie have won and lost the same number of matches but the former tops the […]

Gv of the launch during the Varsity Cup Koshuis Launch at Sonop in Pretoria on 22 February 2017 @Aubrey Kgakatsi/BackpagePix

Steinhoff Sonop hungry for more

It may not have been a dream season for Steinhoff Sonop in their first appearance in the Steinhoff Koshuis Championship but the lessons learnt from playing against some of the best university koshuis teams across South Africa are without a doubt invaluable. Steinhoff Sonop quickly realised that competing in this competition is by no means […]

Gv of the launch during the Varsity Cup Koshuis Launch at Sonop in Pretoria on 22 February 2017 @Aubrey Kgakatsi/BackpagePix

Steinhoff Sonop announce their intentions at Steinhoff Koshuis launch

The University of Pretoria’s Steinhoff Sonop have announced their intentions of winning the Steinhoff Koshuis Championship at their launch in Brooklyn, Pretoria last night. The launch was attended by the majority of Steinhoff Sonop’s residents who turned out to witness the handing out of jerseys ahead of Steinhoff Sonop’s first match of the season against […]


Steinhoff Sonop clinch tight fight to be crowned Tuks Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby champions

Underdogs Steinhoff Sonop did the unthinkable when they dethroned Steinhoff Mopanie in the UP-Tuks Koshuis final after beating the champions 9-3 in what can only be described as a brutal encounter on Tuesday, 30 August at the Tuks Stadium. Steinhoff Mopanie went into the final as favourites but it was Steinhoff Sonop who took their […]

2016 FNB Varsity Cup Rugby

Mopanie and Sonop set for a gigantic final

The UP-Tuks Koshuis League has reached its pinnacle with Steinhoff Mopanie and Steinhoff Sonop have claimed the honour of playing in the final. Not only are they playing for university bragging rights but also for the opportunity to represent the University of Pretoria in next year’s edition of the Steinhoff Koshuis Championships. Steinhoff Mopanie go […]

Varsity KOSHUIS 2015

Steinhoff Mopanie shift focus ahead of semi-final

Steinhoff Mopanie finished the regular season on top of the UP-Tuks Steinhoff Koshuis League log and have now shifted to a knockout rugby mentality ahead of their semi-final clash with Steinhoff Onderstepoort on Tuesday, 16 August. Looking back on the regular season, Steinhoff Mopanie head coach Barend Kirsten, admits that the season was tough and […]

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