• Tanaka Courage Mawonedzo

    i cant wait

  • Jason

    Time for the NMMU Madibaz to lift the cup!

  • Gideon

    Sorry to the other teams, but Maties is going to kick you asses!!

    • Ryno van Dyk

      Let me just remind you about the finals last year tuks of niks!!!!

      • Gideon Swanepoel

        Ryno, let me just remind you, it was actually the Bulls who won the tournament, not Tuks… Tuks IS niks!

      • Niel Venter

        Let me just remind you of tonights game…. Goooo pukke!!!

      • Jana

        Ja, so tuks of 41-24…

  • Algoabay

    As long as the “Varsity Cup” rules remain as they are and allow players who attend short courses in woodwork etc to play “Varsity Cup” I guess it will be TUKS again…!!!

    Varsity Cup should be for full time students studying towards a degree, it started off as a great idea but has basically become a junior provincial team tournament.

    • Tony

      I agree – if you are in your provincial senior squad (Vodacom cup upwards) you should not be allowed to play Varsity Cup.

    • MK

      I agree with you fully… LOL @ “short course in woodwork” hehehe

    • http://www.jeeva.net/ RZR | jeeva

      Varsity Cup lost its appeal to me. I haven’t missed one 7 PM local game at Danie Craven in the last 7 years. However I feel like the last three years the quality and the true sense of MYmaties & MyUniversity is not there any more. Basically becomming “who has the most money has the best players”. No more true representation of my district or region.

      Varisty Cup is circle the drain. Was fun while it lasted. Now it is all about money, TV time & Sheep-like “hype”

      • sa

        may i also add that 3/4 of these so called students will drop out after the varsity cup lol its a “circus “

    • sandra

      i agree with you 100% full time students just don’t get the opportunity to play. they are kicked out of the set up by provincial players all the time. the varsity cup was supposed to be a platform for players that never get exposure on a provincial stage but it is flooded by players that have huge contracts at that level. when are we gonna learn ??? good players will be leaving this country soon.

  • Chappie Cboy Ck Nyenye

    lets gooooo pukkkkeeeeeeee

  • Tshepo

    The Best Or Nothing a.k.a Tuks Of Niks

  • NMMU


  • Ngawonke

    Give N, give me M,another M,and a U……..NMMU….lets go Madibaz,this is your year guys,we behind you all the way!

  • maverick

    Well done to David Maidza and the NMMU Madibas……..you go boys this is your year

  • UCT-Ikeys

    Go Ikeys :))))))

  • Johny

    Go Madibaz the cup is yours

  • Lwazi Lwara Mxunyelwa

    Its time for us to take the cup (Madibaz). Maties down, Uj down, we short of Pukke and Tuks now…….then the Cup comes to PE…..Lekker Speel Boytjies….#Proud Student.

    • guest

      you forgot the Ikeys!

  • Lukanyo

    Round 4 and 6 will determine whether NMMU go to the semifinals are not. need to show real intensity in those games!!!

  • Telita

    UJ. You are really disappointing me this season 🙁 C’mon play your hearts out boytjies.

    • sandra

      lol they need to get their act together ” its a crying shame as most of the full time students and also good players are benched or dropped to accommodate these part time students of UJ”

  • Shando Theron

    Come on MATIES! get it together!!

  • Vleis vervaardiger

    Maties rom rom hy kom

  • Bigal

    I am a “true blue” Witsie so perhaps I am biased, but should they be relegated automatically after some courageous and nail bitingly close performances against teams who have been playing at this level for far more years?

  • Rico

    Back your TUKKIES!!!!! Maak dit 3 in ‘n ry!!!!

  • Sichumiso maxakato

    #Nnnnnnn nmmu!! Singin with pride# madibaz14# varsityCup!!

  • vanZyl

    Tuks ending up 6th looks about right…. interesting what a bit of academic pressure can do to the UP manne.

  • David Navaya

    How come there are nno home games for NMMU Madibaz

    • Thimothy Shonisani Ratshivhade

      That’s what i’ve been asking my self, its not fair though

  • Fay-yaaz

    Ikeys haven’t won anything…ever. they’re shit

  • Thimothy Shonisani Ratshivhade

    No home game for Madibaz

  • Git User32

    Go Dibas!

  • Sandile Gagu

    You just lied there. I played for Wits and UP before. UP is using the bulls academy just like UJ is using the lions academy. It’s no longer a student thing and that’s why I left.

  • Sandile Gagu

    I’ve seem varsities cheating the system before, get your facts straight first then comment.

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