2016 FNB Varsity Cup Rugby

Battle of UCT’s giants as Steinhoff Cobras take on Steinhoff Nadoes

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On Wednesday night, the Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby internal league reaches its climax as the undefeated Steinhoff Cobras line up against defending champions Steinhoff Nadoes. With what seemed like a two-horse race for most of the season, the two teams continue their rivalry as they take the field for one last time in 2016.

“We’re very excited, almost irrationally so for an internal league game,” said Ty Wills, coach and captain of the Steinhoff Cobras.

“It’s a shame that we can’t play it on the Green Mile, but a lot of the old boys from both teams stay down in Green Point so they’ll be thrilled that it’s close by. We’re still in for a great evening. The players from the Steinhoff Nadoes are great mates of ours, so it’s a fun grudge match to have,” he added.

“We’ve played every final against the Cobras, except one, since they’ve joined the league. We’re very excited, and we know that all we have to do is go out there, enjoy it and play the Nadoes’ style of rugby. If we do that, we won’t have to worry about them and we’ll be lifting the trophy at the end of the day,” said Edward Gregory, coach of the Steinhoff Nadoes.

Both Wills and Gregory expressed their delight in the merging of the internal leagues, as this not only meant more games could be played, but that all the teams had more tough teams to contend with. Whatever the outcome, this final is the culmination of an exciting season of internal league rugby at the University of Cape Town.

The match kicks off at 19:30 at Hamiltons Rugby Club.

Steinhoff Cobras: 1 William Day, 2 Dylan Hadzigrigoriou, 3 Jaime Manuel, 4 Tom van As, 5 Oliver Neill, 6 Devon Stone, 7 Jordan Artus, 8 Sean Paterson, 9 Justin Rowe-Roberts, 10 Luke Leach, 11 Chris Heunis, 12 Justin Heunis, 13 Byrone Kennedy, 14 Josh Attenborough, 15 Ty Wills (c)

Replacements: 16 Callan Artus, 17 Dan Russell, 18 Luke Kuhn, 19 Zukile Ncube, 20 Campbell Frost, 21 Ross Church, 22 Junaide Joseph, 23 Zukile Dube

Steinhoff Nadoes: 1 Ty De Brito, 2 Phil Quma, 3 Ryan Grant, 4 Ken Kabongo, 5 Jacob Perren, 6 Alessio De Gouveia (c), 7 West McIntosh, 8 Theo Von Aspern, 9 Ross Henebrey, 10 Dan Gluckman, 11 Jabu Rachia, 12 Kofi Appiah, 13 Craven Mashalaba, 14 Vusi Gubeni, 15 Pat Chuter.

Replacements: 16 Yandi Maqenukana, 17 Aphiwe Qaba, 18 Lihle Kula, 19 Josua (JDV) De Villiers, 20 Lloyd Gluckman, 21 Ed Bester, 22 Ryan Levy, 23 Chris Ford.

By Wessley Thring

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