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CUT Steinhoff Rhinos captain ends his Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby career

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The Steinhoff Rhinos bid farewell to their Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby captain of the last two years, following their successful qualification to represent CUT at the 2017 Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby Championships.

TC Nortjé served CUT rugby with distinction during the past four years. Playing fullback, wing and flyhalf in most games, he was instrumental in the positive, attacking running rugby style established by various rugby teams he participated in at CUT.

Nortjé led the Steinhoff Rhinos to their second successive CUT Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby honours on campus, thus ensuring that the Steinhoff Rhinos would again represent CUT during the 2017 Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby Championships.

“I find it difficult to single out individual highlights of the last four years at CUT,” said Nortje. “We have reached so many exciting goals at Varsity Cup level, as well as club level,” he said. “Perhaps the amazing spirit and camaraderie of players I have shared memories with, on and off the field, would remain with me the longest,” he added.

Taking over the reigns as captain of the Steinhoff Rhinos, is Nortjé’s regular teammate, hooker Bester Olivier.

“I am looking forward to the challenge of leading the Steinhoff Rhinos into 2017, however, we will all miss TC’s leadership, character and example when we pull the red jerseys over our heads in 2017,” Bester remarked.

“I learned so much from him as a leader, and I can only hope that we would reach the same heights that we enjoyed under his leadership,” Olivier concluded.

CUT rugby salutes two great players of Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby, and wish them both only the very best for their respective futures.

By Carel Korff

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