Five of the funniest ‘Varsirty Cup’ moments of 2017

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We’ve been thoroughly entertained in the 10th season of the FNB Varsity Cup presented by Steinhoff International. We’ve celebrated epic comebacks and graduations, we’ve seen tears, heartache and career-ending injuries. We’ve celebrated breakthrough stars such as Aphiwe Dyantyi dazzling not just his opposition, but Varsity Cup fans across the country.

But we’ve also enjoyed a number of light-hearted moments that will be remembered for years to come. Here are five of the best.

1) Constant Beckerling’s “freakish aberration”

FNB Wits’ Man of the Match in their most historic Varsity Cup victory to date, delivered what a nation of rugby-loving fans have been waiting for – a proper post-match interview. Oozing passion and riding the adrenalin high of a David versus Goliath victory, Constant Beckerling made sure that we all knew that FNB Wits weren’t just making up the numbers this year. Let’s hope for many more “freakish aberrations” in 2018.

2) Varsity Shield’s mascot dance-off

One of the most exciting aspects of the 2017 season was the coming of age of the Varsity Shield competition. Not only did it grow by three teams, but the support was bigger than ever. To the extent that Varsity Cup felt the need to create social media accounts to cater for the massive fan base of the Varsity Shield supporters. One of the first moments captured and shared on Varsity Shield’s own Twitter account – a truly South African dance-off between two of the competition’s mascots, which went viral.

3) FNB Wits captain asks for “first-ball grace”

We’ve all been there. It’s finally our turn to bat in a classic game of garden cricket. First delivery and the bails, dustbin lid, or garden chair goes flying – you’re out! First-ball grace is the second chance we all need. So when Warren Gilbert, captain of FNB Wits, was waiting for a referee to review whether one of the young FNB Wits debutants was going to receive a yellow card or not, he decided to ask the referee if Varsity Cup couldn’t implement a sort of first-ball grace of its own. Luckily for us, SuperSport caught the moment on live TV!

4) Hilarious student fan posters

For some reason, fan posters spotted on TV and in the crowd bring us so much joy. The #WengerOut movement is taken the social media world by storm. This year student fans at Varsity Cup matches were more creative than ever with their posters.

5) “Varsirty” Cup final banner goes viral

Varsity Cup fans are the sharpest, no doubt about it. As the stage was being set for FNB Tuks to receive their trophy at the final, organisers noticed that Varsity Cup had made a glaring blooper on one of the signs that the competition had printed just hours before the final. But not before it was captured on social media and shared for the world to see.

FNB Maties fans were quick to take a swipe at FNB Tuks (who were as surprised as their fans) with memes such as “Spelling of Niks” and “At least we can spell” when it was in fact us (Varsity Cup) who made the error (sorry Tuks!).

But it made for a humorous side to even a blooper, in a season where nothing could distract from the thrilling entertainment and joyous celebrations, in a competition that has enjoyed 10 incredible years filled with happiness, tears, banter, elation… and very often, a good chuckle.

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