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FNB CUT gearing up for their Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby season

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The Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby league at FNB CUT will kick off on Friday August 4th, 2017.  Six teams will participate in this year’s competition, aiming to earn participation in the 2018 Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby Championship.

A new geographical division will be adopted this year, resulting in some players moving to other teams, opposed to previous years. This re-division may also result in FNB CUT crowning a new Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby League champion after the Steinhoff Rhinos won the past two season’s competitions.

The Steinhoff Rhinos, previously made up of students in two combined faculties (Humanities and Management), will now be split into two separate teams, namely the Steinhoff Rhinos and newly-formed Steinhoff Alligators.

The faculty of Engineering & IT still boasts the biggest numbers in rugby players, thus having two separate team franchises – Steinhoff Tigers and Steinhoff Buffalo. Both these teams have proven to be strong title contenders every season, and should, once again, end among the front-runners in the 2017 campaign.

Steinhoff Lions, with players from the faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, should benefit from the new geographical division principles applied this year. Some current senior players with FNB Ixias and FNB Young Guns experience, will now be joining the Steinhoff Lions, boosting their capabilities quite nicely.

The excess players from the faculty sides will join the development players from the three FNB CUT men’s hostels (Loggies, Eendrag and Mannheim) to compete as the Steinhoff Eagles. Although this team does not pose the same threat to the other series contenders, they could be underestimated at their opponents’ own peril.

In 2017, the team ending on top of the log will qualify to participate in the Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby Championships (2018).  The two top teams on the log will play for the Paks Tondi CUT Campus Rugby Trophy on September 8th, 2017.

By Carel Korff

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