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The FNB Varsity Cup presented by Steinhoff International is a competition where friendships flourish, where universities celebrate the good times together, and are there for each other in the tougher times. But in celebrating, it should be responsibly and safely. This was the reasoning behind FNB Shimlas’ Uber innovation this year – or rather, ShUber as it is known in the famous Shimlakamer at Xerox Shimlapark in Bloemfontein.

Two students, Johan Swanepoel (third-year Geology) and Danie du Toit (fourth-year, BSc. in Agriculture) were put to work to help to achieve this objective, earning some pocket-money in the process. The UFS Rugby Club appointed the two students at the beginning of the 2017 Varsity Cup season. Their duties begin after the final whistle of every home game at Xerox Shimla Park.

The two arrive in one vehicle and their services are offered to anyone attending the post-match function at the Shimlakamer, and at no cost. The service includes transporting a person home in their own vehicle (if requested), after which the other student will transport both himself and his fellow SchUber driver back to Xerox Shimla Park.

The driver will park the “client’s” vehicle in his garage and return to the Shimlakamer in the fellow student’s vehicle. The service is also offered as a taxi to all who do not have their own vehicle or transport to the venue or back to a hotel after the function, such as the opponents’ management staff should they want to share a beer with the home team’s management.

The ShUber drivers have three very important rules:

  1. The identity of a ShUber’s client remains confidential
  2. The conversation in the vehicle with a ShUber client is confidential
  3. Never accept an invitation into the client’s home. In fact, leave immediately after the client has safely entered their home.

Try out ShUber when you next visit Xerox Shima Park.


Johan Swanepoel and Danie du Toit dressed up in their ShUber uniforms with a happy client.

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