FNB Shimlas has a second ‘Kaptein’

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While he may not be on the field, FNB Shimlas have a ‘captain’ who has been leading the team for far longer than just a season. And he stands behind his team, with all four legs.

The Bosbokhuis was established for elite FNB Shimlas players as a hostel, it is a pride and honour for any FNB Shimlas player to reside at Bosbokhuis, which is situated nearby Xerox Shimla Park.

When you enter Bosbokhuis you’ll be surprised by a fierce yet friendly Kaptein, spinning around with excitement to see the players arrive. That is his way of greeting. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, Kaptein dog – a bullterrier to be exact. He is unique in colour and proudly guarding the Bosbokhuis. About seven years back the players thought it good to add to the Shimlas family, a four-legged friend named Kaptein.

JC Van Wyk, a former FNB Shimlas player was Kaptein’s first guardian, for around four years, followed by current FNB Shimlas winger Marco Mason, who is currently looking after Kaptein.

All the players actually look after Kaptein and they love to spoil him with walks. He even has the privilege of visiting Xerox Shimla Park now and again. Kaptein goes as far as sharing the showers with the players. Just imagine all the stories he could share.

Kaptein is not only the guard, but a friend and a loyal supporter of the FNB Shimlas. He may be a dog, but he shares in the gees, camaraderie and excitement of the Varsity Cup. He wears his FNB Shimlas jersey with honour.

Kaptein is a legend, friend of Bosbokhuis and will be spoiled for years to come.

By Xander Snyders

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