FNB UWC takes time off to interact with local Symphony High School

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On Friday, 17 February, FNB UWC took time off their training schedule to visit Symphony High School. This is a school located within the community base of FNB UWC and the team has enjoyed a great relationship with the institution over the years.

The learners and teachers alike were thrilled at the opportunity to engage with the team.

“We were very honoured to have the team here today to have a chat with the learners,” said deputy principal Mr Jacob de Bruyn. “It is motivation for our learners to see athletes playing at university level, hearing about the importance of academics from people they can in a sense relate to (as student-athletes).”

The school learners had the privilege of being addressed by world-renowned former Springbok players in FNB UWC coaches Chester Williams as well as Bolla Conradie and the coaches delivered heart-warming testimonies while inspiring the learners to chase their dreams.

De Bruyn explained the difficulty of having few staff members and running a successful sports system.

“We have few teachers here at the school as it is, even fewer who are athletic. Our relationship with UWC is one that dates long back where we would have the institution helping us with training for our rugby boys at times and that is a relationship I wish can continue even past my tenure at this school.

“I mean today we saw rugby players the boys can look up to, cheerleaders the girls can look up to and see as an extra-mural activity and the MC for today (Thando Mlaba) who also rapped for the learners. These are all university students showing an integration between sports, art, recreation and education. It was really an exciting morning for the learners,” concluded Mr De Bruyn.

The FNB UWC faithful will be hoping that the boys’ visit to the school will serve as motivation for their encounter against FNB Rhodes on Monday. They (FNB UWC) might have just scored themselves a few big cheers from their younger neighbours in Symphony High School and will be looking to ignite the stadium in front of their home crowd.

FNB UWC face FNB Rhodes on Monday 20 February at 18:30.

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FNB UWC starting XV: 1 Bradley Jumaatas, 2 Ralph Jansen, 3. Justin Theys, 4. Brandon Valentryn, 5. Anrich Mostert, 6. Shaine Orderson, 7. Matthew Le Roux, 8. Adrian Paarwater, 9. Herchelle Jantjies, 10. Keagan Fortuin, 11. Andre Manuel 12. Hendrik Carstens, 13. Rodrick Moses, 14. Jaquin Moses, 15. Daniel Bock

Replacements: 16. Ismaeel Scchroeder 17. Nathan Cloete, 18. Curtley Thomas, 19. Alwyn Casterns, 20. Clayton Daniels, 21. Gordon-Wayne Plaatjies, 22. Kurt-Lee Arendse, 23. Halalisani Buthelezi

By Thulani Mkosi

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