2016 FNB Varsity Cup Rugby

Koshuis Final: Steinhoff Oppierif vs Steinhoff Chiros

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The 2016 UJ Koshuis Rugby League final will be contested between Steinhoff Oppierif vs Stenihoff Chiros. This is the second year in a row that both these teams face each other in the final with Steinhoff Opierif beating their counterparts in the 2015 final.

History beckons for both sides as Oppierif are gunning for their second successful championship, while Steinhoff Chiros on the other hand have been in the final three years in a row, a very impressive re3cord by their standards.

In the group stages Oppierif defeated Chiros twice, and with history, form and momentum on their side, Steinhoff Oppierif look like clear favourites coming into the 2016 final.

However Chiros have been in this situation before and will be comfortable with the underdog tags as there is more at stake in this year’s final. The winners of the championship will be promoted to the Varsity Cup Koshuis League and the final will take place on the 5th of October at the University of Johannesburg.

Fixtures (current week)
Date Time Team 1 Team 2 Venue
05/10/16 Steinhoff Oppierif Steinhoff Chiros University of Johannesburg

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