New era for CUT Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby League

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The 2017 season of CUT’s Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby League sees a new division of teams participating this year.

As CUT does not have six or more residential hostels and only four faculties, teams will be divided up into six geographic regions on campus. As a result, some teams may be playing with students from different departments or faculties in the exciting competition.

The Steinhoff Rhinos will now be comprised of students studying in the western and south-western regions of the campus, while the Steinhoff Lions will field players from the northern campus departments.

The Steinhoff Tigers and Steinhoff Buffalos will be made up of students from central and north-east campus departments respectively. Steinhoff Eagles (south) and Steinhoff Falcons (east) will complete the six new campus divisions.

It is expected to provide a competition with a more balanced share in power, probably resulting in the 2017 campaign being more exciting and tougher than ever before.

Predicting a winner this year will be extremely difficult and risky. We do expect, however, that the teams will rely on running student rugby to ensure that the scoring of tries will be best guarantee of winning rugby in true student-rugby style.

The first round of matches will see the Steinhoff Lions and Steinhoff Tigers square off in the main fixture next Friday. The Steinhoff Rhinos will try to establish an early dominance against the Steinhoff Falcons, who should be one of the favourites this year.

Traditionally the Steinhoff Buffalos always have a strong team, and the Steinhoff Eagles should have their work cut out for them.

This year, the team ending the season “top of the log”, will qualify for the 2018 Varsity Cup Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby competition. The two top teams will contest the Tondi Trophy on 8 September.

By Carel Korff

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