Rhodes Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby in full swing after round two

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Tuesday 1 August saw the start of Rhodes’ Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby League’s second round of exciting games, with Steinhoff Heathens losing their first game since their victory last year to other Rhodes favourites Steinhoff Dream. They were not shy on Friday, however, and came back with heat to beat Steinhoff Founders 40-0.

Steinhoff Dream’s win on Tuesday leaves the team as only one of two unbeaten sides in the tournament so far. Steinhoff GTN, the other unbeaten team, were pleased with a 32-0 walkover in their second round game as Steinhoff Makhulu Blues forfeited their second game of the tournament.

New kids on the block, Steinhoff Troopers, came back from their first round loss to beat Steinhoff Founders 10-0. Steinhoff Phoenix also came back from a loss in the first week to beat Steinhoff The Hill 8-2.

Friday’s action saw Steinhoff Dream add to their winning streak, beating Steinhoff Phoenix 37-13. Steinhoff The Hill came back from their loss on Tuesday to beat Steinhoff GTN 34-18.

Round Three starts on Tuesday 8 August for more internal league excitement.

Team 1 Team 2 Result
Steinhoff Dream Steinhoff Phoenix 37-13
Steinhoff Troopers Steinhoff Makhulu Blues 32-0
Steinhoff The Hill Steinhoff GTN 34-18
Steinhoff Heathens Steinhoff Founders 40-0

Rhodes teams ready for round three of internal league

After an exciting combination of results from round two of the Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby League at Rhodes, all teams are ready to fight for their place in the tournament, and some aiming to continue their streak of wins.

Steinhoff Makhulu Blues will hopefully add some competition after forfeiting their previous two games. They are set to play Steinhoff Heathens, who last beat Steinhoff Founders 40-0. Steinhoff The Hill will play Steinhoff Troopers as they look to redeem themselves after a disappointing loss to Steinhoff Phoenix in the previous round. Steinhoff Founders will play Steinhoff Dream, two favourites of the tournament, and SteinhoffPhoenix will be up against Steinhoff GTN.

All games will take place on the Great Field A and B fields, at 18:00 and 19:15 respectively.

Date Time Team 1 Team 2 Venue
08/08 18:00 Steinhoff Makhulu Blues Steinhoff Heathens Field A
08/08 18:00 Steinhoff Troopers Steinhoff The Hill Field B
08/08 19:15 Steinhoff Founders Steinhoff Dream Field A
08/08 19:15 Phoenix Steinhoff GTN Field B


11/08 18:00 Steinhoff Phoenix Steinhoff Founders Field A
11/08 18:00 Steinhoff Troopers Steinhoff GTN Field B
11/08 19:15 Steinhoff Makhulu Blues Steinhoff Dream Field A
11/08 19:15 Steinhoff Heathens Steinhoff The Hill Field B



1 Steinhoff Dream 3 3 0 0     13
2 Steinhoff Heathens 3 2 0 1     10
3 Steinhoff GTN 3 2 0 1     10
4 Steinhoff Troopers 3 2 0 1     9
5 Steinhoff The Hill 3 2 0 1     6
6 Steinhoff Phoenix 3 1 0 2     5
7 Steinhoff Founders 3 0 0 3     1
8 Steinhoff Makhulu Blues 1 0 0 3     0

By Gabriella Bellairs-Lombard

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