2016 FNB Varsity Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby

Semi-final time, as the remaining four at UJ do battle!

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The semi-final stages of UJ’s Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby league have arrived, and going into the matches, Steinhoff Oppierif and Steinhoff Cornerstone are the favourites to make the final as they take on the teams ranked fourth and third respectively.

Defending champions Steinhoff Oppierif take on surprise semi-finalists Steinoff Kanniedood, who defied the odds by making it to this stage. Although Steinhoff Oppierif will feel confident, they will not take anything for granted if they want to retain their title.

Steinhoff Cornerstone face a bit of a tougher test as they take on third place Steinhoff Chiros, which is sure to be an entertaining encounter.

The two semi-finals for UJ’s Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby championship will be played on the 28th of September.

Fixtures (current week)
Date Time Team 1 Team 2 Venue
28/09/16 19:30 Steinhoff Chiros Steinhoff Cornerstone University of Johannesburg
28/9/16 20:30 Steinhoff Oppierif Steinhoff Kanniedood University of Johannesburg

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