Varsity STEINHOFF KOSHUIS 2015. Monday 23 February 2015.PURPLE COBRAS UCT vs TIGERS CUT.UCT Rugby Stadium, Cape Town, Western CapePhoto by: SASPA  Justin Rowe-Roberts (Cobras-21)

Steinhoff Cobras raring to go

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After going undefeated for the entire 2016 Steinhoff Koshuis League season, the Steinhoff Cobras are excited about the prospect of facing opposition from around the country.

For many years, the Steinhoff Nadoes had dominated the Steinhoff Internal League at the University of Cape Town. But around eleven years ago, a group of old boys from Bishops High School got together and formed the team that would later be the biggest rivals of the Steinhoff Nadoes.

“This club has really grown into something special. I wouldn’t have continued playing rugby had I not been introduced to the windy and cold (emphasis on windy) Wednesday night internal league matches,” said Ty Wills, who will once again be wearing the captain’s armband as he leads the team into battle.

“We’re so thankful for what Steinhoff is doing here; it’s a brilliant competition. It gives those who can’t be hitting the tackling bags every week an opportunity to still play some competitive rugby,” Wills added.

The Steinhoff Cobras team will consist of a few former Steinhoff Nadoes players and a few players who are in and around the fringe of the FNB Ikey Tiger’s first team. While the team waits for all its players to arrive due to the University of Cape Town’s late start to the academic year, there is no doubt that they will get a great team chemistry going.

“Playing alongside someone and seeing them make a big hit, or seeing them take a big hit and the helping them back up definitely builds a bond,” Wills explained.

“We’re pretty confident about the team we have this year. The biggest issue we’ve faced is bringing them all together because we have players who are still at home in other parts of the country or still busy with work, but the talent is definitely there. We don’t really know how strong our opposition will be in this competition, but then again we could also be very strong because we’ve got more than enough talent,” the captain concluded.

The Steinhoff Cobras kick off their season on Monday, the 27th of February when they host the Steinhoff Titans at the Green Mile.

By Wessley Thring

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