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Steinhoff Cobras win second UCT Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby League title in a row

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Steinhoff Cobras retained their title after a convincing 36-10 win against Steinhoff Turtles. After having to withstand early pressure from Steinhoff Turtles, the defending champions went on to score five tries on their way to victory.

Steinhoff Turtles started the game on the front foot and took the lead early on through a penalty. Steinhoff Cobras were quick to respond, and a quick attack against the run of play saw them pull into the lead. However, Steinhoff Turtles continued to press forward as Steinhoff Cobras looked vulnerable in defence at times. On the stroke of halftime, Ross Church found himself on the end of a brilliant sequences of passes to give Steinhoff Cobras a 12-3 lead at halftime.

Steinhoff Cobras the began the second half in the same fashion that they ended the first, scoring early on and converting to extend their lead to sixteen points. A yellow card for Russell saw Steinhof Turtles take immediate advantage of their numbers advantage and score, closing the gap to nine points. However, Chris Heunis slotted home a penalty to extend Steinhoff Cobras’ lead once again.

Players from both sides were forced to make try-saving tackles and interceptions, and they both enjoyed spells of possession before more slick passing from Steinhoff Cobras saw them extending their lead once again. Then, in the last play of the day, Chris Heunis intercepted a pass and sealed the victory for Steinhoff Cobras. The try was converted, and Steinhoff Cobras retained their title, winning 36-10.

Steinhoff Cobras: 36
Kennedy (2), Stehlik, Chris Heunis, Church
Cons: Wills (2)
Pens: Wills, Chris Heuns

Steinhoff Turtles: 10
Cons: Butler
Pens: Butler

Steinhoff Cobras
: 1 Daniel Russell, 2 Dylan Hadzigrigoriou, 3 Marty Chandler, 4 Jaime Manuel, 5 Oliver Neill, 6 Christian Stehlik, 7 Devon Stone, 8 Jordan Artus, 9 Ross Church, 10 Luke Leach, 11 Chris Heunis, 12 Justin Heunis, 13 Byrone Kennedy, 14 Brandon Tattam, 15 Ty Wills.
16 Mikaeel Adam, 17 Wahl Enslin, 18 Tom van As, 19 Luke Kuhn, 20 Harry Makin, 21 James Macdonald, 22 Nicholas Zille, 23 Josh Attenborough.

Steinhoff Turtles: 1 Seb Remmelzwaal, 2 Anthony Lake, 3 Devon Arendse, 4 Nic Frankenfeld, 5 Oliver Hennings, 6 Rhys Driver, 7 Niels Khunnemanne, 8 Ryan Thompson, 9 Frank Lane, 10 Anele Siyepu, 11 Andrew Butler, 12 Dale Stephen, 13 Kyle Thompson, 14 Eddie Murphy, 15 Brandon Driver.
Replacements: 16 Andile Majola, 17 Bayanda Cele, 18 Nick Midgely/Josh Lubbe, 19 Cheyne Robertson, 20 Kalonde Mtuna, 21 Nic Bijl, 22 Warren Driver, 23 Richard Montgomery.

By Wessley Thring

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