Steinhoff Dream Team triumph in Rhodes Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby League final

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The Rhodes University Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby League season came to an end on Friday 8 September when Steinhoff Dream Team challenged Steinhoff Troopers in the final of the 2017 season, winning the match 13-8.

The match kicked off in near perfect conditions after the ten-a-side curtain-raiser. Steinhoff Troopers looked full of energy, however both teams seemed dangerous with ball in hand. Despite their attacking prowess, neither team were able to draw away on the scoreboards, with the only score of the first half coming from a try by Michael Steel for Steinhoff Dream Team, which was converted by Dylan Stephens. The first half of the final saw Steinhoff Dream Team lead 8-0 over Steinhoff Troopers.

Both teams managed to score early in the half, creating a tense atmosphere around the grounds. Within the final 10 minutes of the match, Steinhoff Troopers were behind by a mere five points, and the match looked as if it could swing either way. Steinhoff Dream Team missed a last minute penalty that could have drawn them further into the lead, however were able to recover the ball and kick it out to end the game. The match ended with Steinhoff Dream Team triumphing over Steinhoff Troopers by 13-8, taking home the trophy.

After the match, Tournament Director Elize Everton expressed her happiness with the tournament as a whole.
“It obviously brought with it its own challenges, with the new attention and more teams this year. We went from the usual five teams to eight teams this year, with two of those new teams being our community engagement teams,” said Everton.

Everton looks forward to next year, although she is unable to expand upon the exciting new plans set up.

“The only thing that I can actually say is that the internal league will start at the beginning of the second term, and will include a total of twelve teams,” said Everton.

Steinhoff Dream Team: 15. Robbie Leclezio, 14. Simon Amm, 13. Unathi Kongwana, 12. Ryan Horne, 11. Dylan Stephens, 10. Dale Hewitt, 9. Grant Hewitt, 8. Devon Barnard, 7. Jonathan Braans, 6. Bradley Robinson, 5. Steven Johnston, 4. Mark Brooks, 3. Dave Murray, 2. Cameron Braans, 1. Thembelani Nurse
Subs: 16. Misixolo Jonono, 17. Mvuyelwa Koliti, 18. Jordan Koekemoer, 19. Rhys Lindsay-White, 20. Kongwana Phumlani, 21. Mark Webber, 22. Mike Skeels, 23. Michael Steel

Steinhoff Troopers: 15. Zusiphe Bulani, 14. Aviwe Ntutu, 13. Mokete Lesoro, 12. Ntsika Ndungane, 11. Sima Ngxesha, 10. Sethu Penini, 9. Justice Tyatya, 8. Ukhanyo Charles, 7. Ongeziwe Shumi, 6. Owethu Mkolo, 5. Likho Ndiyalwa, 4. Lutho Nkomo, 3. Muwambu Njolomba, 2. Uzu Nyanda, 1. Chulu Jack
Subs: 16. Somila Rubushe, 17. Lukhanyo Tshongweni, 18. Sinolwazi Ralo, 19. Mawande Adams, 20. Simbulele Sizani, 21. Viwe Makeleni, 22. Bavu Tamsanga, 23. Uzile Ngumela

Steinhoff Dream Team: 13
Tries: Grant Hewitt, Ryan Horne
Cons: Ryan Horne

Steinhoff Troopers: 8
Tries: Uzu Nyanda
Cons: Aviwe Ntutu

By Stephen Kisbey-Green

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