Steinhoff Ubumbo claim fourth spot

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Despite their best efforts, Steinhoff Smuts missed out on a spot in the cup semi-final as they went down 38-5 against the unbeaten Steinhoff Cobras. Their spot was taken by Steinhoff Ubombo, who eased passed Steinhoff Saints 25-10. Steinhoff Smuts will be disappointed on losing out, having put together an impressive string of performances in their push for a top four finish after their slow start to the season.

Steinhoff Turtles narrowly emerged with a victory against the defending champions Steinhoff Nadoes, edging passed them 21-19 and proving that they are indeed strong title contenders.

Steinhoff Knights and Steinhoff Kopano forfeited their games last week, allowing Steinhoff Cats and Steinhoff Ikhaya to walk away with the points respectively. In the last game of the day, Steinhoff Leo Marquard overcame Steinhoff CVU Vikings 10-7, but the result was of little consequence as neither team would have been able to climb higher than they already are.

That brings an end to the regular fixtures this season, and many teams will be disappointed with the way they’ve performed this time around. But the games aren’t over just yet, and now is the perfect time to step up to the plate.

Results (previous week):
Team 1 Team 2 Result
Steinhoff Knights Steinhoff Cats 0 – 20
Steinhoff Saints Steinhoff Ubumbo 10 – 25
Steinhoff Ikhaya Steinhoff Kopano 20 – 0
Steinhoff Turtles Steinhoff Nadoes 21 – 19
Steinhoff Smuts Steinhoff Cobras 5 – 38
Steinhoff Leo Marquard Steinhoff CVU Vikings 10 – 7

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