The Cobras defend the ball during the 2017 Varsity KOSHUIS PREMIER FINAL, presented by Steinhoff, FNB and STEERS. Monday 27 March 2017


Steinhoff Ubombo edge out Steinhoff Smuts as koshuis action returns to UCT

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Week six of the Steinhoff Koshuis Rugby internal league at the University of Cape Town was noticeably shorter than usual, as only two matches occurred. Steinhoff Leo Marquard and Steinhoff Kopano both forfeited their matches against Steinhoff Cobras and Steinhoff Nadoes respectively, leaving only four other teams to compete on the day.

In a match that was always going to be tightly contested, Steinhoff Ubombo scored a solitary try as they overcame Steinhoff Saints to climb up to fifth place on the log. Steinhoff Saints remain in eighth spot, only one point behind Steinhoff Smuts.

In the second, and final, match of the day, Steinhoff Turtles scored four tries on their way to a 25 – 15 victory against Steinhoff Smuts. Steinhoff Turtles are currently fourth in the league, but look set to climb higher as they take on a struggling Steinhoff Saints next time out.

Team 1 Team 2 Result
Steinhoff Cobras Steinhoff Marquard 20 – 0
Steinhoff Ubombo Steinhoff Saints  5 – 0
Steinhoff Turtles Steinhoff Smuts 26 – 15
Steinhoff Nadoes Steinhoff Kopano 20 – 0

Clash of the titans: Steinhoff Nadoes and Steinhoff Cobras finally face off

In the last round of fixtures before the midseason break, Steinhoff Nadoes will finally get a shot at toppling league leaders Steinhoff Cobras in a rematch of last season’s final. These two teams have dominated the league at UCT for the past few seasons, but it is Steinhoff Cobras who have had the upper hand in recent times.

Steinhoff Turtles will be confident in the possibility of them grabbing a full bag of points from their clash with Steinhoff Saints, and with the clash between Steinhoff Nadoes and Steinhoff Cobras happening on the same day, this presents Steinhoff Turtles with a golden opportunity to gain some ground on the teams above them.

Steinhoff Knights have the opportunity to climb above Steinhoff Ubombo (albeit momentarily), but they will have to get passed Steinhoff Kopano in order to do so. Steinhoff Kopano still only have one win to their name this season, and there’s no doubt about how hard they’ll fight to avoid yet another defeat.

A winless Steinhoff Leo Marquard are set to take on Steinhoff Ubombo, and will have their hands full as Steinhoff Ubombo aim to keep applying pressure on the teams currently in the top four.

Steinhoff Smuts and Steinhoff CVU Vikings have a bye this week.


Date Time Team 1 Team 2 Venue
21 June 2017 17:30 Steinhoff Saints Steinhoff Turtles UCT C Field
21 June 2017 18:30 Steinhoff Knights Steinhoff Kopano UCT C Field
21 June 2017 19:30 Steinhoff Ubombo Steinhoff Leo Marquard UCT C Field
21 June 2017 20:30 Steinhoff Nadoes Steinhoff Cobras UCT C Field



1 Steinhoff Cobras 5 5 0 0 106 4 24
2 Steinhoff CVU Vikings 5 4 0 1 70 2 18
3 Steinhoff Nadoes 4 4 0 0 61 2 18
4 Steinhoff Turtles 4 3 0 1 61 3 15
5 Steinhoff Ubombo 5 3 0 2 -11 2 14
6 Steinhoff Knights 4 2 0 2 19 2 10
7 Steinhoff Smuts 5 1 0 4 -30 3 7
8 Steinhoff Saints 5 1 0 4 -37 2 6
9 Steinhoff Kopano 6 1 0 5 -104 0 4
10 Steinhoff Leo Marquard 5 0 0 5 -116 0 0

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