2017 Varsity Cup, presented by Steinhoff, FNB and STEERS.A moment od silence was observed for the passing of Joost van der Westhuizen on monday 06 February 2017
FNB UJ vs FNB UFS SHIMLAS at UJ Sports Ground Johannesburg, Gauteng.

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The Numbers Game

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In sports, you simply cannot ignore the numbers. Statistics aren’t everything in sports, but it certainly adds flavor and often gives us an indication of how well a team actually performs. And leading up to the 2017 Varsity Cup semi-finals, here are the top statistics for FNB UJ and how they match up to the other top four teams of 2017.

Individual Stats

These are individuals’ stats from the top four sides left in the competition (FNB UJ, FNB Tuks, FNB UFS and FNB Maties). These statistics are those of the players who are still in the competition and the teams still participating in the 2017 Varsity Cup.

Ball Carries

Aphiwe Dyanti – 74 (ranked 1st)

Godfrey Ramaboea – 49 (ranked 5th)

Defenders Beaten

Aphiwe Dyanti – 26 (ranked 1st)

Line Breaks

Aphiwe Dyanti – 10 (ranked 1st)

Godfrey Ramaboea – 6 (ranked 4th)


Aphiwe Dyanti – 19 (ranked 1st)

Jaco Fourie, Jo- Hanko De Villiers, Adrian Bester – 10 (ranked 4th)

Tackles Made

Wian Conradie – 100 (ranked 2nd)

Kevin Du Randt – 82 (ranked 4th)

% of Tackles Made (50 tackles made)

Jo- Hanko De Villiers – 97% (ranked 4th)

Kevin Du Randt- 95% (ranked 5th)

Rucks Hit

Wian Conradie – 141 (ranked 4th)

Most Penalties Conceded

Wian Conradie – 10 (ranked 2nd)

Adrian Bester – 8 (ranked 5th)


Wian Conradie- 13 (ranked 1st)

Jo – Hanko De Villiers- 12 (ranked 2nd)

Jannes Snyman- 11 (ranked 3rd)

Kicking Success

Divan Nel- 83 % (ranked 1st)

Points Scored from Place Kicks

Divan Nel- 93 (ranked 1st)

It is clear to see that star man Aphiwe Dyanti is the catalyst for everything going forward in the FNB UJ backline. He has beaten the most defenders out of any other player in the competition, made the most off-loads and most ball carries. Judging by the numbers, FNB Maties need to be wary of the livewire centre heading into the semi-finals.

Divan Nel is also a threat with the boot as he has been the most successful player in the competition with an 83 % conversion rate, and is the top points-scorer with the boot, with 93 points.

Wian Conradie has been a rock for the FNB UJ defence, with the 100 tackles made and 10 penalties conceded, it is evident that he will put anything and everything on the line for his team.

Team Stats

Lineout Success

FNB UJ – 89 % (ranked 1st)

Best Scrumming Team

FNB UJ – 91 % (ranked 3rd)


FNB UJ – 90 (ranked 1st)

Most Lost Balls

FNB UJ – 187 (ranked 1st)

Highest Missed Tackles

FNB UJ – 10% (ranked 3rd)

Most Penalties Against

FNB UJ – 89 (ranked 3rd)

Most Defenders Beaten

FNB UJ – 137 (ranked 3rd)

Most Tries

FNB UJ – 27 (ranked 3rd)

Most Line breaks

FNB UJ – 33 (ranked 3rd)

Most Tries Conceded

FNB UJ – 29 (ranked 2nd)

By Nkosinathi Shazi

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