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Top four set to clash

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In what is set to be an exciting final week of rugby before the semi-finals take place, the top four teams will have to play each other in their last games. Steinhoff Nadoes will look to assert their dominance when they take on third placed Steinhoff Turtles, while Steinhoff Smuts know that anything less than a victory against undefeated Steinhoff Cobras could cost them their fourth place finish.

Steinhoff Knights will take on Steinhoff Cats in the first game of the day, while Steinhoff Saints are presented with their last chance to record a league win as they take on Steinhoff Ubombo. However, this will prove to be quite a challenge as Steinhoff Ubombo aim for that fourth spot finish.

Steinhoff Ikhaya will take on Steinhoff Kopano, while Steinhoff Leo Marquard face Steinhoff CVU Vikings in one of the late fixtures of the day.

As the league draws to a close, Steinhoff Cobras are looking strong favourites to go all the way this season. Steinhoff Nadoes should present a formidable challenge, and Steinhoff Turtles, as well as the fourth placed team, might have something up their sleeve come the semi-finals.

Fixtures (current week)
Date Time Team 1 Team 2 Venue
7 September 17:30 Steinhoff Knights Steinhoff Cats UCT B Field
7 September 17:30 Steinhoff Saints Steinhoff Ubombo UCT C Field
7 September 18:30 Steinhoff Ikhaya Steinhoff Kopano UCT B Field
7 September 18:30 Steinhoff Turtles Steinhoff Nadoes UCT C Field
7 September 19:30 Steinhoff Smuts Steinhoff Cobras UCT B Field
7 September 19:30 Steinhoff Leo Marquard Steinhoff CVU Vikings UCT C Field

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