Steinhoff Turtles book their place in semi-finals alongside Steinhoff Cobras

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After Steinhoff Kopano forfeited their match, Steinhoff Cobras have officially ended the round of fixtures leading up to the semi-finals as league leaders, amassing a total of 40 points from nine games.

In similar fashion, the match between Steinhoff Saints and Steinhoff Nadoes didn’t take place, with Steinhoff Nadoes edging Steinhoff Ubombo out of fourth position on points difference. Even when the odds didn’t look favourable in the past, Steinhoff Nadoes somehow managed to find a way, and they seem set to feature in the latter rounds of the season yet again.

Once again finding their feet towards the end of the season, Steinhoff Smuts fought to a 17-14 win against Steinhoff Knights. However, it’s too little too late for the boys from Smuts, as they aren’t in contention for a top four finish.

In the final match of the day, Steinhoff Turtles pulled off an impressive win against Steinhoff CVU Vikings as they guaranteed themselves a second place finish. This result leaves Steinhoff CVU Vikings vulnerable to the possibility of Steinhoff Ubombo and Steinhoff Nadoes overtaking them on the log in the final round of fixtures.

Team 1 Team 2 Result
Steinhoff Cobras Steinhoff Kopano 20-0
Steinhoff Nadoes Steinhoff Saints 20-0
Steinhoff Knights Steinhoff Smuts 14-17
Steinhoff Turtles Steinhoff CVU Vikings 19-7

Steinhoff Nadoes, Steinhoff Ubombo and Steinhoff CVU: Three teams fighting for two spots

It’s set to go down to the wire at the University of Cape Town as three teams still have a shot at the remaining two semi-final spots. With Steinhoff Nadoes and Steinhoff Ubombo equal on points, and Steinhoff CVU Vikings only two points ahead of them in third place, it’s clearly still anyone’s game.

Steinhoff Saints and Steinhoff Leo Marquard get the day started as Steinhoff Leo Marquard have only the final game of their season to record their first win. At the same time, Steinhoff Turtle are set to take on Steinhoff Knights in a match that will have no real impact on the log.

Steinhoff Ubombo will have the chance to grab the bull by the horns when they take on Steinhoff CVU Vikings, as a win would guarantee them a top four spot. Steinhoff Nadoes will also be hoping to come out with a win, but will have a tough task considering Steinhoff Smuts have only recently begun to find their winning recipe.

With two spots up for grabs, all eyes will be on the Green Mile on Wednesday night. Steinhoff Cobras have already been beaten once this season, so could we be about to witness the rise of a new champion?

Date Time Team 1 Team 2 Venue
6 September 2017 18:00 Steinhoff Saints Steinhoff  Leo Marquard UCT B Field
6 September 2017 18:00 Steinhoff Knights Steinhoff  Turtles UCT C Field
6 September 2017 19:00 Steinhoff Ubombo Steinhoff CVU Vikings UCT B Field
6 September 2017 19:00 Steinhoff Nadoes Steinhoff  Smuts UCT C Field


1 Steinhoff Cobras 9 8 0 1 166 8 40
2 Steinhoff Turtles 8 7 0 1 132 5 33
3 Steinhoff CVU Vikings 8 6 0 2 96 3 27
4 Steinhoff Nadoes 8 5 1 2 43 3 25
5 Steinhoff Ubombo 8 5 1 2 16 3 25
6 Steinhoff Smuts 8 4 0 4 37 5 21
7 Steinhoff Knights 8 3 0 5 -2 1 17
8 Steinhoff Saints 8 1 0 7 -85 2 6
9 Steinhoff Kopano 9 1 0 7 -180 0 4
10 Steinhoff Leo Marquard 8 0 0 8 -216 0 0

By Wessley Thring

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